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Ube Radio coming on July 15

Jul 7, 2010

Debuting on July 15 - Ube Radio 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Project Ube Announces the Launch of Ube Radio

Concord, CA (July 6, 2010) – Project Ube LLC, an online media company serving the entertainment appetites of fans of the Asian music internet industry, announced today that they will be launching “Ube Radio” on their website on July 15th, 2010. The first of its kind, Ube Radio will broadcast music from today’s top Asian independent musicians such as AJ Rafael, Gabe Bondoc, Traphik, Legaci, and many other artists who have experienced recent success in YouTube.

“The launch of Ube Radio will be a historic event for our industry and community. Talented Asian musicians have been fighting hard to gain recognition in the mainstream market, and over the last year we're finally seeing significant progress” noted Jotham Ty, Co-Founder/Partner of Project Ube. "YouTube has helped level the playing field for these artists, and Ube Radio will serve as another platform where artists can showcase their talents to the world. This, in turn, will hopefully increase Asian artists’ chances of being considered for mainstream projects."

 A recent example of Asian musicians gaining momentum in the mainstream industry is the success of a Bay Area R&B group. Chris Abad, whose group “Legaci” is currently on tour with pop-superstar Justin Bieber, is also a Co-Founder/Partner of Project Ube. “As an Asian artist, I feel fortunate to have the rare opportunity of working with mainstream artists. With Ube Radio, we hope this will open more mainstream opportunities for other gifted Asian musicians.”

 On July 15th, visitors will be able to go to and listen to a live stream of music from today’s top Asian artists. Their music will be complimented, on a limited basis, with Top 40 hits. Ube Radio will also have scheduled programming, where DJ’s can entertain listeners with conversations regarding latest events, hot topics, interviews, and giveaways. In addition to entertaining listeners with creative show content, Project Ube is also working on improving features to enhance interactivity. “Since our inception, we've always tried looking to the future in ways to improve our site for better user experience” noted Broderick Jones, Co-Founder/Partner.

 Ube Radio will begin live streaming on July 15th, at 12:01am (Pacific Standard Time) at


About Project Ube LLC Project Ube LLC is an online media company serving the entertainment appetites of the new Asian internet generation., a website wholly owned and operated by Project Ube LLC, offers music downloads, event tickets, and merchandise for purchase.

Media Contact

 Jotham Ty, Partner/Chief Executive Officer

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