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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Nov 30, 2006

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The Show Notes
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Filipino Word of the Day:  Pusa - Cat




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seventeen and a half years ago

Fo\'SHAME! I\'m pro cat and there ain\'t nothing wrong about a Man having a cat! Sterno, i\'m on your side....they are intelligent,independent and require less care unlike dogs who really are like babies! Too bad my asawa is allergic to cats but he would have put up with it just for me =) So we\'re getting a dog by default but we have sea monkeys too (yeah they wear crowns and are smiley like the comic advertisements!)...L-boogie and gamma have been consistently voicing male egotism on various for those who want to run over or harm God\'s creatures....stats say those are signs of future murderers! See you in hell! Sterno i\'m on your side and would defend you! Anyone want a poopy toy polar bear or reindeer for christmas? =P~~

seventeen and a half years ago

*high-5\'s divabee*

My BF was a bit allergic to cats at first and he had bad experiences with them but I\'m a cat-lover and he was the one who actually convinced me to adopt after we found a stray kitten who died after we took him to the vet. How sad is that? But we have 2 cats now! And he loves them! Plus his allergies are gone XP Sterno, go to your local shelter and check out the cats there. You\'ll be able to tell if you\'ll like having a cat just by interacting with them (^_^)V

Altho.... you have hamsters, right? Or guinea pigs?

Sterno Supernova
seventeen and a half years ago

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I mentioned to Boogie that I had gotten support for the idea of me getting a cat. He pointed out that all of the support came from women (and thus proved his point).

But the decision is still up in the air.

And yes, Mishi, I do have two hamsters. If you listen closely to some of the episodes, you can hear them making a racket in the background. As it stands now, I\'m thinking that I\'ll wait until my hamsters move on to the next level of hamster existence before I add a new pet to the mix (be it canine or feline).

Thanks to you all for listening and commenting.

seventeen and a half years ago

I hate cats!!! I agree with Gamma. If a guy gets a cat it should be a lion or tiger.

Gamma Ray
seventeen and a half years ago

Thanks Mark for aggreeing. Lil\' cats are for Lil\' girly men.

seventeen and a half years ago

Cats are for shit-dicks. I would love to punt a cat in it\'s belly just like Reggie Roby. Who remembers him?

seventeen and a half years ago

There\'s nothing wrong with cats!! Cats are great companions, too. My cat welcomes me home and want me to play with them, too XP I\'ve trained my cats to come when I call them.. that\'s purty easy but sure, they\'re not \"dogs.\" ^_^ I don\'t see anything wrong with a guy owning a cat.

seventeen and a half years ago

Booyah Obet XP

Woo! Haven\'t listened yet.. Feline... hmm.. I can\'t imagine..