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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Sep 27, 2006

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Filipino Word of the Day : Ulo - head



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almost eighteen years ago

Sterno: Bleach is an awesome anime/manga. Have you tried reading the manga Sterno? I stopped watching the anime after the Soul Society saga. The fillers were kinda stupid IMO. The manga continued on after the they returned to the real world. The manga also revealed a very important character that you never expected to be revealed. You gotta read it. Email me if you want the scanslations. I can direct you to a site that have everything. One anime recommendation that I\'m watching right now is Zipang. Very good anime. Its a somewhat sci-fi/realistic military drama.

El: I love that show Sports Night. I was bummed out when they canceld that show. I always wanted that guy with the glasses to hook up with that girl. I feel his pain. And the woman producer is married to William H. Macy.

Sterno Supernova
seventeen and a half years ago

Obi: I\'ve never really been into manga. (Which is funny since I\'m a big comic book freak.)
But thanks for the scanslation offer. I\'ll let you know. I don\'t want you to go to the trouble if I won\'t read it for a while. I\'ve got a lot on backlog.

And thanks for the Zipang recommendation too. I\'ll check it out.

seventeen and a half years ago

Sterno: You\'re welcome. Just let me know if you\'re ready to read the Bleach scanslations. Its here waiting for you. And you should give manga a try.

I tried looking for Zipang on youtube but I think they took it down. DVD\'s available though thru Geneon Entertainment.