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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Feb 28, 2008

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The Show Notes
the sini-gang...


Filipino Word of the Day: tawag, tumawag, tuwagin - to call


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Naughty by Norfolk
over sixteen years ago

Two things...

1. Man-bags are gay! No way around that one.
Sorry L-Boogie
2. Technical glitch at end of podcast. It just didn\'t seem right without the proper Sini-Gang sign-off!!!

Naughty by Norfolk
over sixteen years ago

Oops user error..disregard #2!!

over sixteen years ago

First Sterno- passion for RENT
Then Gamma- flair for Sanrio
now Boogie- sportin the ManBag

hmmmm, the world\\\'s coming to an end.
Playboy\\\'s our only hope.