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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Aug 16, 2007

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The Show Notes
the sini-gang...


Filipino Word of the Day:  Likod - back


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almost seventeen years ago

The Power of Suggestion!....I got my @ss up and made myself rye toast \\\"wit whiz\\\".....6 pieces in total!!! But then again i\\\'m eating for THREE =)
As for American $$$ imagination in colour! sheesh....the Canadian dollar coin the \\\"Loonie\\\" works fine up here, awsome for inflated prices on parking meters and vending guys need to go Metric like the rest of the world too. Now back to my cheese whiz.

almost seventeen years ago

So funny hearing a tourists perspective of Geno\\\'s and Pat\\\'s in Philly...

And to correct you guys it\\\'s Whiz Wit\\\'....

almost seventeen years ago

Yes, i\\\'m sure...too many late night runs to Geno\\\'s during college...

Yeah, It\\\'s hard to find the love in Philly other than the big LOVE at love park at the corner of JFK blvd and 17th St in center city.