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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Aug 30, 2006

Download Episode 65 here


The Show Notes
the sini-gang...

Filipino Word of the Day :
Pakwan - n. watermelon

Outro : "Rice Dreams" by Jocelyn de Leon
taken from the cd  re-evolve - Expression through Spoken Word
a spoken word CD by the Filipino Youth Coalition of Santa Clara County


bagoong (shrimp paste)



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sixteen and a half years ago

gamma sounds like a kung fu professor ;p

sixteen and a half years ago

I should send you guys an audio comment about this but this would do for now. Pakwan is pronounced with a shorter \"pa\" on the first syllable rather than saying it like \"paahkwan\". It sound more like \"pakwaan\". Same with Kare-kare. It sound like Gamma was saying he likes \"curry\", not kare-kare. Just like the pakwan, the first syllable \"ka\" is shorter than the second syllable. So its sounds more like \"kareh-kareh\". Ok, I have to admit, this is harder to explain in words than to actually say it. Oh well.. SOrry if I\'m being a smart-ass. But damn, this eps. made me really hungry and started craving spamdesal. Try it with a warm pandesal, spread it with butter then add the freshly fried spam.. Mmm, mm,, good...masarap!

sixteen and a half years ago

thinly-sliced fried SPAM is the go-to dinner when you have no meats defrosted...will try OBI\'s suggestion tho! not recommend gettin the luncheon meat from them dollar stores....filipinos like a good discount but EWWW it fries poorly.....but to my surprise yu guys didn\'t mention anything about corned beef!!! i\'m personally turned off from it (long story) but my husband suffers since i don\'t allow it in the house! When are we gonna see gourmet filipino food out in the mainstream?