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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Jun 14, 2006

Download Episode 54 here


The Show Notes
the sini-gang...

Filipino Word of the Day : Kuripot  - stingy, tight with money


Marvel free comic offer

The Philippine Comics Art Museum

Stars are Blind


Punky Brewster - Cherie gets stuck in the refridgerator!

Saved By the Bell - I'm So Excited!

Outro Song: "Secret Wars Pt.1"(Prince Paul remix) - Last Emperor  (lyrics)

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over sixteen years ago

Madamot is more like greedy than stingy methinks.

over sixteen years ago

Mishi: Yeah. It could be.. I guess their interchangable.

Gamma: Damn.. The Heat won the NBA finals... Damn Shaq. (>_

over fifteen years ago

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over sixteen years ago

Isn\'t stingy means \"madamot\" in tagalog? Just a thought.

over sixteen years ago

That one out there who was \"dyin-laughin\" was me, hHAHAHAHAHAAHHA......seriously, how can someone that stoopid not know how to get out the ONLY way out of a fridge. Cmon, i used to put my cat in the freezer and he knew how to get out, hhahahah.

Gamma Ray
over sixteen years ago

OMG!!! I can\\\'t believe you found a link to that Cherie getting stuck in the fridge episode. And how about the Heat? They spanked the Mavs and they should win game 5 just as easily. And doesn\\\'t \\\"Madamot\\\" mean medicine??? :P

over sixteen years ago

Hey Gamma.. Sup!

Medicine is \"gamot\" in tagalog. And oh yeah,.. Mavs rulez!