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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.

Feb 9, 2006

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the virtual playboy...

The Show Notes
skype problems...congrats to brad...roundhouse kick to the wasn't the radio, it was my dentist...eating and the super bowl...we can be the next ufc champions...old boy again...tagalog movie "what's up with us"...Leonard Nimoy...a large bowl at the desert bar...american idol controversy with pinoy...stampede at Wowowee...frequent visitors to hooters...we always get the ugliest waitress...asian endowments...i'm a happy man, it means i'm having a good day...fake fingernails equals fake personality...

Filipino Word of the Day : manood - to watch

Stampede in the Philippines
Inquiry on Stampede
Superbowl Commercials
An Old Boy Review
Pinoy American Idol controversy
Pinoy group 6th Day
Brownjungle - filipino-american music store
Hooters Restaurants
Francine Dee - one of the few "safe" sites of the pinay model
Gogo Advertising

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over fourteen years ago

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almost seventeen years ago

The only thing I have against Wowowee is the fact that they exploit the poor. And although that\'s basically what the whole show is about.. we can\'t ignore the fact that the show also helps out a lot of the poor people. They just end up making fun of them [because that is good TV in Pinas.] If they didn\'t make fun of them - then it\'ll be a show that is FOR the poor.. the needy. A lot of these people are trying to make ends meet. Most of the f\'in mothers have 12-14 kids that they have feed and support. They\'re working hard to give them an education. What \"little\" money that \"we\" think they\'re getting is a purty big deal to them. They\'re happy with just 500-1000 pesos. That can buy them some food or clothes or books. But they can win more - up to 1 million pesos. Which is why the stampede was inevitable. If only it was organized, this wouldn\'t have happened and some people could\'ve won a lot of money. And I can\'t blame Willie for this. He\'s not the one organizing the event. Willie have been on shows that has helped a lot of the poor. Which is why he is the host of the show. It\'s just so sad that this has to happen for people to realize how desperate these people are.

The premise of the show is dumb. But it makes other people laugh AND it helps out the poor. Ain\'t that better than most reality TV shows here in the States where the people who benefit are the networks and the cast? And it\'s not like they\'re dirt poor.

I don\'t mind if Wowowee stays as long as they try to learn from this tragedy and try to make the show better as far as quality and security. And even if quality doesn\'t change.. at least make sure people are safe when they do come to the show.

OK, that was a bit too long. Anyhoo...

How gory is Old Boy from a scale of 1-10? Is it like Battle Royale or Ichi the Killer?

Great show dudes! Hang in there, Pinoy Playboy!

almost seventeen years ago

Aside from the need to get cash. One of the main attractions of the show was that it was an easy way to get cash. One just had to line-up and be made fun of and you get the cash. Please do not get me wrong I think the be made fun of in national tv is demeaning, but it got you the money. And the amount of cash they were giving out was enough for one to start a business. It was not surprising then that there were people who lined up for the event five days before the actual date. Then again the program itself was designed to gather ratings. There is an intense ratings war between ABS-CBN and GMA 7.
I have been listening to your podcasts for some time now. Nice job. By the way cock derbies/sabong are not illegal in the Philippines. There are actually coliseums where they are held on a regular basis. What is illegal is the topada - cockfights held outside the coliseum. Pintakasi or sabong has been part of the Phil culture since the Spanish times. I am not saying that as an excuse but just as a fact. One of the more popular breed is that one that originally came from Texas and that is what they call that breed in the Philippines.

almost seventeen years ago

Fake fingernails do suck.

Soni Token
almost seventeen years ago

Once Again, another great episode!!!

Thank you for adding me to the podcast links!

E\'l Roy in San Diego
almost seventeen years ago

Hoy! You\'ve gained a new listener out here on the West Coast. I\'ve been listening to a couple podcasts for several months now, and I was \'casting\' about for some variety this morning when I found the Sini-Gang.

Hope you get the Skype fixed! Salamat!